Top 5 Recruitment Features Our Clients Love

Top 5 Physician Recruitment Features

There are many tools and solutions out there to help with recruiting, so you may be wondering — what makes Marketware’s different? Healthcare organizations choose our platforms because they are healthcare specific, integrated and web-based. Today we dig deeper into the Physician Recruitment Platform, built for the unique needs and challenges in finding and hiring providers.

Our everyday users include physician/provider recruiters, recruitment coordinators and other members of the hiring team, these are a few of their favorite recruitment features.

1.  Easy Buttons

Let technology help you with your to do list.

Each user has a unique home page showing all the activities that are assigned to them. Giving you a snapshot of your day and week, so you can plan accordingly. Along the top of your home page lives 4 buttons — Due Today, Due this Week, Completed the Week and Overdue. Click on a button and out slides a list of activities (from your automated workflow or ad hoc). No gathering of sticky notes, looking through pages of notes or searching emails — everything is organized and in one place.

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2.  Automated Workflows

See what stage of the recruitment process candidates are in, real time.

You and your organization determine the stages (or milestones), activities and timeframes within your recruitment process. Together these items create your automated workflow template. This allows you to move candidates through a curated recruitment pipeline efficiently.   

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3.  Custom Fields

Collect and share the information that’s important to you.

Custom Fields allow you to add additional fields, unique to your organization, to our People Profiles, Place Profiles or even Opportunities (open positions) to store the information you want or need. Custom fields can be free text, yes/no, dates or design your own drop-down and they are unlimited! These can be grouped together and or organized with Custom Field Groups and can even be pulled into our List Views for reporting.

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4.  Profiles, Files & Document Security

Store all your information, notes, activities and files in 1 place.

Add your contacts, contact information, expenses, notes and files to track ROI for all of your Sources.

Add key details, notes (date & time stamped) as well as files (shared or locked) to each Lead, Candidate or Profile. You can also use the CV parser or Importer to save time and decrease manual data entry.

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5.  Easy Reports

Use at-a-glance dashboards to pull, analyze and share data.

Storing all your Physician and Provider Recruitment information in a single platform makes pulling, analyzing and sharing data easier.

List Views — Versatile, easy to customize, save and even export a quick report for Leads, Candidates, Providers, Places, Opportunities, Sources or Activities.

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Overviews — Provide at-a-glance, high level, easy-to-read, overviews. Perfect for quick stats or to review with the team.

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recruitment features

Recruit Dashboards — Allowing you to filter, dig into the data, find actionable items, or showcase efforts. These are great to export to a power point or newsletter to share with leadership.

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Date: August 24 2023
Subject: Physician Recruitment
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