Marketware Introduces Saved Lists for Recruit & Onboard

Marketware Introduces Saved Lists for Recruit Onboard

We’re excited to introduce saved lists to our Recruit and Onboard platforms. This functionality gives our users the ability to create customized lists from people and place records. Allowing users to easily navigate to their most needed records. This functionality becomes highly applicable if there are certain records that need to be tracked or used it as a simple way to get to the records you need access to more readily.

How Saved List Work

To create a saved list users will select the people and/or place records they want to add to a list. Once records are selected an ‘action menu’ will pop up, giving a user different options:

  • Add to Onboarding Project
  • Add to Practice Opp
  • Add to Saved List
  • Assign Onboarding Coordinator
  • Assign Recruiter

Users will select the ‘Add to Saved List’ option. This will then pop-up a window where users can name and create a new list or add to an existing list. Once an option has been chosen, the record list will be refreshed and the saved list for which the records were added will be applied.

Marketware Introduces Saved Lists for Recruit Onboard

Saved List vs Quick Filter Lists

Saved lists can be accessed from the main list filter controls and will be identified with the label which differs from a quick filter list. Quick filter lists are lists that have been filtered down to a selection of filters and saved for easy filtering.

Saved lists and quick filters can be combined to narrow the list down even further. This may be helpful if you have a list of records, you are tracking and only want to see certain records related to a specialty that is often looked at or even further, a specialty within a certain state.

With saved lists and quick filters, finding the information is faster and easier.

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Date: November 30 2021
Subject: MW Product Updates
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