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Physician Recruitment Playbook

4 Steps to Revamping Your Physician Recruitment

Physician shortages are still on the rise in the  United States and current projections by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) project physician shortfalls to be between 40,800 and 104,900 by the year 2030. Part of this shortage is due to physicians planning to retire during this timeframe—however, demographic trends continue to be the primary driver of increasing demand.

This same report indicates that physician searches are taking longer than ever. When it comes to optimizing your in-house recruitment team’s results, a physician recruitment playbook can provide a solid foundation for physician recruiters and operational leaders to implement best practices for the recruitment process.

A physician recruitment playbook is a guide your team can use to effectively deploy best practices. Helping them achieve success when recruiting and retaining physicians who fit in with your organization’s mission and values.

In this tool kit you’ll find 4 steps to take to create or revamp your physician recruitment playbook:

1. Understand your space

2. Map out what right looks like

3. Hardwire documentation & applicant tracking

4. Communicate consistently