Physician Strategy Suite

Connect our entire Physician Strategy Suite to assess the bottom-line impact of activity in the field and study individual providers — as well as track physician recruitment and onboarding efforts, all in 1 solution.

Physician Onboarding

Collaborate on New Provider Launch

Marketware’s Physician Onboarding platform supports the complex, system wide processes involved in effective provider integration. Strategically constructing and continually refining an onboarding program is critical to the success of newly acquired providers. Successful onboarding will yield results that are sustainable and far-reaching by increasing physician satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately retention.

Streamline onboarding by using templates to create a cohesive, unique to your organization, onboarding experience for new providers. Utilize dashboards to visualize and track involved teams as they progress through each step of the process. Marketware’s onboarding solution provides the ability to easily record details, communicate inter-departmentally and gain insight for staying on track. Our robust reporting provides detailed information to track KPI’s, identify areas of opportunity and celebrate each team’s contributing efforts.

Physician Recruitment

Source, Qualify & Retain the Best Providers

Designed by and for healthcare recruiters, Marketware’s Physician Recruitment platform is an easy-to-use physician internal tracking solution that helps you build your candidate database and effectively manage the providers in process so that you can find the best fit for each of your open practice opportunities.

We know it’s a competitive market. Our Physician Recruitment tool offers the information you need, customizable workflows and templated activities that, together, allow you to be more efficient at each stage in the recruitment process.

Physician Relationship Management

Maximize Provider Engagement

Marketware’s Physician Relationship Manager makes it easier than ever to plan, track and measure the effectiveness of liaison activity across key growth initiatives. You’ll be better armed to prevent physician turnover and loss of revenue by keeping organized timelines and task assignments. Review responsiveness by tracking physicians and close the loop on any obstacles to access or service issues. Our easy-to-use platform integrates claims data into the PRM to help you understand patient mix, payer mix, claims volume and shared patient connections at the provider level to help you evaluate return on visit.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Transform Data into Outcomes

Marketware’s Physician Strategy Suite offers powerful business intelligence and analytics specifically designed by and for healthcare professionals. Our interactive dashboards and reports can transform hard-to-read data into a clear and comprehensive picture of your competitive landscape. 

Using EHR/EMR and claims data trends, you’ll gain insight on patient pipelines that are poised for growth. Marketware’s healthcare analytics also allow you to visualize the strength of a physician’s referral base, as well as the connections that exist both inside and outside their network. And with our field activity, internal referral and encounter trend dashboards will help you calculate and communicate your outreach’s bottom-line impact.

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