Create Custom Fields with Marketware’s Latest Update

Create Custom Fields with Marketware's Latest Update

Physician recruiters are now able to create custom fields to help track information on both people and place records in Marketware’s latest update. These dynamic fields appear on records and related lists and allow for physician recruiters and onboard teams alike to customize and track additional information needed in both recruiting and onboarding.

In addition to Marketware’s new custom fields, we’ve added the ability to receive weekly upcoming activity emails to help users understand their workload for the week and overdue activity emails to identify items that need immediate attention. Weekly notifications and follow-ups will give recruiters and onboarding teams the ability to understand action plans for the week and redirect them back to work their plan.

Onboarding teams can now utilize the global status board to see all provider statuses across all onboarding projects. The status board lets users easily spot which providers are on track, off street, and at risk to help guide teams to completion.

We’ve added more than a few exciting enhancements to our recruiting and onboarding offers, too!


  • Admins can now export their users list
  • The provider and candidate lists have been restructured to be grouped by Onboarding Projects & Practice Opportunities respectively  
  • All edits made to templates will reflect in modified date: add group, edit group, delete group, add stage, edit stage, delete stage, add activity, edit activity & delete activity 
  • On creating a new activity, the cursor will default to summary instead of description 
  • Bulk update candidate statuses in bulk 
  • Bulk remove candidates from practice opportunities in bulk 
  • Bulk update activity summary & description in bulk from the project view 

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Date: April 07 2021
Subject: MW Product Updates
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Kayla Morris

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