Marketware Introduces New Recruit & Onboard Dashboards

Marketware Introduces New Recruit Onboard Dashboards

We’re excited to introduce our newest dashboards featuring, recruit and onboard challenges. These dashboards are Marketware’s latest introduction to high-level visual reporting for physician recruitment and onboarding. Gain high-level insights into the progress of projects, view data to identify challenges and report on which are the most effective. 

Marketware users can access the new dashboards from their main navigation to report on what’s happening not only on an account level, but at a team level for managers. 

Recruit Challenges

The Recruit Challenges dashboard allows you to view data at a high level to better identify challenges and areas of improvement to fill positions more effectively.

  • Look at common stages where candidates fall inactive to see if there are areas in the process that continually disqualify — either based on the candidates needs or your own organizational needs.
  • Dive deeper into team statistics to know whose candidates are moving forward and gaining understanding for those whose candidates are falling off the process.
  • Compare inactive reasons to cite where there can be improvements made to your process — from cultural fit to compensation or licensure and qualification needs.  
Recruit Challenges

Days to Fill 

The Days to Fill dashboard helps leadership gain insights into the average time it takes to fill an opportunity for a given specialty, place or recruiter.  

  • Break down processes to understand how long candidates are spending in each stage guiding choices to cut out unnecessary processes or recognizing areas that may take longer.  
  • Discuss process with team members by boosting those that have a fast process while encouraging those that may need more support that have longer days to fill. 
Days to Fill — Recruit

Sourcing Overview 

The Sourcing Demographics Breakdown dashboard helps you to report and understand deeper which sources are most effective in your recruiting efforts.

  • See cost broken down by leads, candidates and final contracted individuals.  
  • Gain demographic insight into which sources are providing the best diversely qualified individuals.  
Sourcing Overview — Recruit

Onboard Challenges

The Onboard Challenges dashboard helps to better identify challenges and areas of improvement to the onboard process and helps to keep providers more effectively.

  • Break down any changes to provider launch dates by project, specialty and assignee — providing insight into areas of process that might need attention. 
  • Compare launch date change reasons from state licensure and credentialing to facility/equipment issues.
Onboard Challenges
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Date: August 04 2021
Subject: MW Product Updates
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