Physician Onboarding

Collaborate on Provider Launch

Marketware’s Physician Onboarding platform supports provider integration starting with orientation through to launch and retention. Strategically constructing an onboarding program is critical to the success of newly acquired providers. Successful onboarding will yield results that are sustainable and far-reaching by increasing physician satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamline onboarding by using templates to create a cohesive onboarding experience for new providers and develop dashboards to visualize and track teams involved in each step of the process. Marketware’s onboarding solution provides the ability to easily record details, communicate inter-departmentally and gain insight for staying on track. Our robust reporting provides detailed information to track and enhance each team’s contributing efforts.

Increase physician satisfaction & reduce provider attrition

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Streamline Provider Onboarding

Elevate onboarding best practices.

Marketware allows teams from across your organization to document and collaborate on best practices for new provider launch–which can improve a new physician’s satisfaction, practice performance and long-term retention.

Customize templates.

Support cross-team collaboration during new provider onboarding with customizable templates that allow you to easily visualize pipelines and open activities.

Improve Team Results

Monitor KPIs.

Report on key metrics to better understand pipeline gaps and prove team impact. Use our dashboards to set goals and understand metrics, such as launch date change reasons and progress per department.

Improve team results.

Identify gaps that may negatively impact your onboarding efforts, including trends by candidate, specialty and more. You can also record and report on activities and expenses to better manage team effectiveness.

Stay on track.

It’s important to build in opportunities to routinely meet with new physicians to assess how well they are adjusting and any additional professional and/or personal support they may need. Our platform allows you to schedule and plan these activities to stay on track.

Added insights.

Integrate your physician onboarding efforts into Marketware’s entire Physician Strategy Suite for added insights, data, collaboration and ROI Analysis.

Why We’re Different

Physician Specific

Our platform is designed by physicians, for physicians—allowing us to focus specifically on the challenges and needs for onboarding and retaining top provider talent.

Visualize Pipelines

Create an organized onboarding experience and visualize all teams and pipelines involved in the process with our dynamic dashboards.

Streamline Communication

Our web-based platform makes it easier than ever to communicate between multiple teams and keep track of conversations.

Monitor Progress

Marketware’s physician onboarding platform enables onboarding teams to stay on track as new providers are brought up to speed.

Who should use our onboarding platform?

Support cross-team collaboration from the start.

Physician Onboarding Teams

Physician Champions

Practice Administrators


Learn best practices to streamline your onboarding practice.

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