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At Marketware, we don’t just focus on our latest features and buttons—we focus on improving your team’s efficiency and bottom-line performance. When you join the Marketware team, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Client Success Executive to be with you and your team every step of the way. Our team of Executives have all formerly worked as liaisons and recruiters and have an extensive knowledge base of the industry and the product. From implementation and onboarding to your day-to-day activities, we’ll be here to support and enable your organization to strengthen and grow.

Getting your team started with Marketware.

As you dive in, we know questions may arise—your dedicated Client Success Executive will guide you through Marketware to help you find growth and opportunities for your organization. Your Executive is your go-to representative for all thing’s physician relations, data analytics, recruiting and onboarding. They’ll touch base with you often—from weekly calls and emails, you’ll find they’re always there to keep you moving forward.

Implementation Process

Marketware implementation isn’t just a 1-&-done sort of thing. Once you’ve joined, our Client Success team will begin onboarding your organization in 5 stages.

1. Discovery

As you get started, you’ll work with your dedicated CSE to set a timeline, understand your organization’s strategic priorities and set next steps.

2. Planning

In this stage, we’ll work together to understand your internal and external data assets and get both your software and users set up and ready to run.

3. Training

Now it’s time to get going! Your dedicated CSE will coordinate with you to set up online modules, virtual training, overview your claims data and facilitate live training to ensure your team is educated and ready to go.

4. Launch

In the launch stage, we’ll be here every step of the way. We’ll be ready before, during, and after launch with support for all your users, any data refining you may need, and ongoing training.

5. Onboarding

Whatever you need, our team will still be here. Your CSE will conduct regular calls to check in, offer best practices and help with any support you may need.

Ensuring Success

Once you’re through implementation and your team is actively using Marketware, your Client Success Executive will not only continue to be your advocate but will also focus on providing strategic insight. This is accomplished through a routine Executive Business Review (EBR). These scheduled meetings are designed to engage your key stakeholders in understanding how optimization of Marketware can further support a positive return on investment for organizational goals and strategies.

What Our Customers are Saying

I love my experience with Marketware. From the very beginning of exploring products to help with the physician liaison program to the sales process and the continued support all expectations are always exceeded. Our customer support manager has also been with us from the very beginning and is always helpful, professional, and available.

We continually rely on Marketware’s Physician Strategy Suite for many key decisions regarding Physicians and their practices.

Marketware’s physician relationship management and analytics tools have been very useful for our team to prioritize targets and areas to promote.

Our Client Success Strategist has been phenomenal in educating me and my work colleague about Marketware’s Physician Strategy Suite, answering questions, providing training and recommendations. Our strategist is timely in her communications, patient in her explanations, and demonstrates a deep working knowledge of Marketware.

Supported Healthcare Organizations

Meet the Client Success Team

Josh Cameron, MBA

VP, Client Success

Josh has been with the Marketware team since 2017. As a former marketing director and Marketware client, Josh is in a unique position to relate to our clients’ goals. Josh serves as Marketware’s VP of Client Success and is responsible for creating and driving strategy for our Marketware clients and helps them navigate our Physician Strategy Suite to achieve their goals.

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Danielle Krystyniak

Director, Client Success

Danielle began her career at a Chicago-area hospital on the Physician Relations team where she was a daily Marketware user. As Director of Client Success, Danielle uses her experience with Marketware’s Physician Strategy Suite, from both the client and user side, to help healthcare organizations of all sizes effectively and efficiently reach their goals.

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Amy Milazzo

Client Success Executive

Using data in healthcare can be complicated – but with more than 25 years in the field, Amy is an expert on educating Marketware’s variety of users on how to transform data in outcomes. Amy’s in-depth knowledge of both data and Marketware’s platform gives her the unique ability to support her clients and help them set and achieve their goals.

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Kristy Leonard

Client Success Executive

Kristy brings over 9 years of experience in the healthcare industry to support her Marketware clients. Her deep understanding of data analytics and data-driven strategies make her an asset to our client’s overall progress. Kristy’s expertise helps Marketware clients get the right work done using our platform to ensure their success.

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Leslie Kinkade

Client Success Executive

As an expert in the onboarding and recruiting field, Leslie brings her experience with large health systems to Marketware’s clients. Leslie’s deep knowledge of Physician recruitment and onboarding allows her to create successful strategies and develop processes for overall organizational success.

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Rikki McClendon

Product Support Specialist

Rikki joined the Client Success team after spending 3 years as a Business Development Specialist at Baylor Scott & White Health. As a former Marketware user, Rikki’s experience lends itself to our client’s as she trains and educates clients on the product during implementation and answers any and all questions our users may have.

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Cassie Mero

Product Support Specialist

Cassie is an integral part of the Marketware team, supporting our clients as they begin to learn the in’s and out’s of our product. Cassie works behind-the-scenes to train Marketware’s users, manage user requests, and ensures that your team has the best experience possible during your Marketware journey.

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