Importance of a CV Parser in Your Recruitment Platform

CV Parser

When you are a Physician Recruiter it all starts with a CV. Whether it’s sent to you by an eager candidate, your favorite firm, a colleague or it’s an internal referral from a current provider — they all offer that immediate thrill that this one could be the one! That thrill, however can quickly turn to angst if you don’t have a central repository for all of these potential right fits (no, a file folder on your desk, even if it is brightly colored or filing cabinet in the corner does not count). You also need to be able to do something useful with these valuable files like search, build easy profiles or lists and if you’re anything like the recruiters I know — retrieve that information from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Which is why Marketware has included an important feature in our Recruitment Platform — the CV Parser. Allowing you to stay organized and recruit the best physicians.

Marketware’s CV Parser

A CV Parser reads the CV then takes the key information needed to create the foundation for a comprehensive record and automatically maps (or enters) it into certain fields within the provider profile so that you don’t have to. A few examples of the information that the parser can pull from the CV after it’s been uploaded or dragged and dropped into the profiles are:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Licenses
CV Parser

How Your Team will Benefit

Let’s face it, as a Physician Recruiter you don’t have hours of free time to hand type each CV into your excel sheet. That is one of the many reasons having a CV parser is a must, others include:

  • Easily & quickly fill out a Physician Profile
  • Access information in a web-based platform (rather than being tied to a desktop)
  • Robust tracking for all your leads
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Marketware’s Physician Recruitment Platform

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Physician Recruitment Playbook

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Date: October 05 2021
Subject: Physician Recruitment
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Leslie Kinkade

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