Use Marketware’s Activities Feature to Track Physician Related Tasks

Use Marketware’s Activities Feature to Track Physician Related Tasks

Whether you’re compiling a list of physician recruitment tasks while placing the right candidate, planning your onboarding process for a newly hired physician or keeping track of completed items from liaison visits — throughout the provider’s lifecycle, Marketware’s Physician Strategy Suite has you covered. In this blog we show you how our activities feature can be used across your organization.

What are Activities?

The activities feature helps you maintain, track and report on the important work your organization does. They can consist of task, events and communications, helping your team nurture physician relationships no matter where they reside in the organizational process. Do you prefer a detailed reporting approach? No problem! Easily create and maintain a custom list of activity types to match your organization’s preferences. These activities can vary depending on which process you are in, here are some of the most common ones we see:

Physician Recruitment

  • Coordinate travel for onsite(s)
  • Schedule phone interviews
  • Facility tour

Physician Onboarding

  • System, medical staff & practice orientations
  • Determine equipment & practice needs
  • Secure NPI, DEA & state license numbers

Physician Relationship Management

  • Provider to provider introductions
  • In-person visit
  • Office staff & manager meeting

Once your activity types are created/customized they can be designated to show up on the calendar. Below is an example of what this could look like, in teal are events within the application and gray are activities for the integrated calendar.

Activities Feature

Track Important Activity Information

Utilize the tracking fields for reporting. Use custom categories and tags to later be reported on in our comprehensive activity dashboards. Activities will also track any important edits made through the activity history feed. Lastly, you can drive action from your team on an activity through the activity comments section to inform colleagues of an important update or on the status of a particular item.

Activities Feature

Activities Feature

Add Files to Activities 

Have important documents to add to an activity, like an offer letter or continued medical education invitation? Marketware’s activities can handle files from a variety of file types (i.e., CV, PDF, Word, etc.) and allow user restriction access to protect the files you need. Check out our recent blog on activity files and security.

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Date: November 08 2022
Subject: MW Product Updates
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