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Est. 2014 — Cottonwood Heights, UT

Helping healthcare teams strengthen their strategic & competitive advantage.

With healthcare systems and providers facing an increase in competition, the need to identify revenue leakage continues to be a priority. As a result, Marketware has our Physician Strategy Suite—4 platforms designed to strengthen the competitive advantage for teams working in physician relations, analytics, recruitment and onboarding. Each working seamlessly together to ensure healthcare executives have the insight they need to target, track and trend their market share.

Marketware’s Journey

Marketware secures new capital and brings on a new leadership team including Alex Obbard as CEO. New leadership efforts help expand the PRM into a full strategy suite, offering multiple products and data sources.

Client Success and Support teams are revamped. Former liaisons with end-to-end experience are recruited to help streamline implementation and identify consistent ways to support client satisfaction and retention.

Marketware expands Product and Data Engineering teams to add new functions and features to the PRM. New activity, internal encounter and external claims dashboards are added to strengthen client productivity and outreach results.

Marketware introduces a web-based tool designed to support provider recruitment and onboarding. Marketware continues to leverage further product enhancements and client offerings.

Marketware is acquired by Medsphere Systems Corporation. Founded in 2002 and based in Salt Lake City, UT, Medsphere Systems Corporation is an organization of committed clinical and technology professionals working to positively impact patient care by delivering award-winning healthcare IT solutions for providers of every size and budget.

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