Marketware’s 2021 Highlights & What’s to Come in 2022

Marketware’s 2021 Highlights & What You Can Expect in 2022

From being acquired to growing our Physician Strategy Suite into something that is unmatched by our competition — it was a big year for Marketware. As big as 2021 was, we look forward to even better things to come. Before we jump into 2022, let’s look back at what 2021 brought to Marketware and our clients.

A Year in Review — 2021

Marketware Acquired by Medsphere

On January 25, 2021, Medsphere Systems Corporation announced the acquisition of Marketware. Founded in 2002 and based in Salt Lake City, UT, Medsphere Systems Corporation is an organization of committed clinical and technology professionals working to positively impact patient care by delivering award-winning healthcare IT solutions for providers of every size and budget.

 “Using trend and relationship data, as well as other types of business analytics, Marketware makes healthcare organizations more financially viable, which is vitally important, especially for hospitals that don’t have tremendous resources to start with. We’re very excited about what Marketware can do for our clients.” — CEO, Irv Lichtenwald

Learn more about the acquisition here.

Navigate Records with Saved Lists

Created to help users easily navigate to their most needed records, Saved Lists give users the ability to create customized lists. This functionality is significant for when there are people or place records that need to be tracked or more readily accessible.

Learn more about Saved Lists and how they work here.

Gain Security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With the increase of cloud-based platforms like ours, we know security concerns have become top-of-mind, especially for those working in healthcare that need to be HIPPA compliant. To create peace of mind for your most important information Marketware implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

MFA helps to protect data against phishing or other cyber-attacks in the event your credentials are compromised.

Learn more benefits of utilizing MFA and how to set up MFA in your Marketware account today.

Filter Data with Advanced Search

Implemented into the PRM to give users a more efficient process when pulling a list of contacts or activities. Customizing your searches makes it easier to follow up with people that need direct attention and helps you gain reporting insights.

Learn more about the full capability of Advanced Search here.

Track Specific Information with Custom Fields

Giving customizable fields to Recruit and Onboard users, allowing them to track information that is unique to their organization. From free form text fields to drop-down menus, users can track important information like local ties or when the provider received their last COVID vaccine too if a facility has a cost center.

Learn more about custom fields work here.

Manage Recruit & Onboard Processes with New Dashboards

Part of Marketware’s goals for Recruit and Onboard users is to help give them insight into process road blocks and effectiveness. These detailed dashboards allow recruiters to hire the best candidates and onboard teams to onboard new physicians quickly. The end goal being to support increased revenue and retention.

Learn more about how our dashboards give insight into recruit and onboard challenges here.

What’s to Come — 2022

Never Fall Behind with Project & Workflow Templates

Coming in early Q1 recruit and onboard users alike will be able to gain further insights into changes made to projects and workflow templates. Understand when active practice opportunities or projects need to be updated. With recruit and onboard processes ever changing it is vital that teams never fall behind on the most recent updates.

Become Even More Secure with Document Security

One of Marketware’s top priorities in 2022 for the Physician Strategy Suite will be Document Security. This is the security and maintenance of all essential documents stored, filed, backed up, processed, delivered and eventually disposed of when no longer needed.

This advanced feature will allow users to store information and documents within each provider’s profile with the added ability to lock down who can preview and download certain documents.

Stay Connected with Email Integration

We are excited to be working on the ability to integrate your email provider into our Recruit and Onboard platforms. Providing users with the ability to send a quick message to a group of providers or reach out on important action items. Create more personalized, relevant and efficient messages and maintain records of these interactions from with the Physician Strategy Suite.

Even More to Come in 2022

More growth, more user capability, more dashboards and all-in-all big things to come. While we have so much in store for our Physician Strategy Suite, some things are better left unsaid — for now. Stay tuned to find out what else will be implemented into our platforms in 2022.

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