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Physician Onboarding Plan

Physician Onboarding Plan

To succeed in a new provider’s ramp up, day-to-day effectiveness and long-term retention, you need a comprehensive physician onboarding plan that extends beyond their 1st 3 months on the job. Learn what steps to take, and who to involve, in this helpful tool kit.

In this tool kit you’ll find the following templates and guides:

100 Day Volume & Assessment Plan

A 6 page template that including questions to help you assess your physician onboarding plan.

Hospital Committee Model & Communications

 Guidelines for developing a committee made up of the CEO, Physician Recruiter and 8 other couples committed to the development and growth of your facility. Invited to serve 2-year, staggered terms, members of this committee should be able to commit to participating in quarterly planning meetings, scheduled retention events and being available as a resource to new physicians as needed.

Physician Investment Committee Model

A 4 page template to enter fact about practice launch the will help you summarize new physician referral development.

Physician Onboarding Retention Guide

 Guidelines for developing an interdisciplinary committee dedicated to implementing and measuring the ROI tied to specific physician alignment opportunities.  Responsible for coordinating the implementation of your facility’s strategic initiatives specific to physician recruitment, alignment and practice development. 

Physician Onboarding & Retention Guide

This guide includes an onboarding and retention flow chart to create a structured onboarding process to support the success of new physicians. It also includes a checklist of items with timeframes to ensure needs for the new physician are met.

New Physician Marketing Plan

A sample template of the activities that should be planned for each onboarding phase and the role that will be responsible for that activity.

New Provider Welcome Communications

Sample of contacts and emails to welcome a new provider.