WebinarPhysician Onboarding

An Inside Look at Marketware’s Recruit & Onboard Platforms

Learn what makes our Recruit & Onboard platforms a must-have for recruitment or onboarding teams. Join Leslie Kinkade for this 30-minute webinar who will show you the ins and outs of these 2 platforms and how they work together you help your source and retain the best physicians.

Watch this webinar to learn about our clients top 5 favorite features in the Recruit and Onboard platforms, including:

1. Due Today/Due this Week Easy Buttons

See our home page and our featured easy buttons made to optimize your schedule and activities.

2. Real Time Progress with Workflows, Project & Global Status Boards

In this section we cover workflows to create your processes. Clearly see each stage a candidate or new physician is in and what activities are attached to them.

3. Custom Fields

One of our newer features — custom fields can be added to any person record to obtain the information that fits your team and organization.

4. Document Security

Capture all your files securely in 1 place — from CV’s, share points, desktops files for all your needed users to find.

5. Dashboards & Custom Lists for Easy Reporting

In this last section we will share our key recruit and onboard dashboards needed for your team and leadership.


Leslie Kinde

Client Success Executive

Marketware, a Division of Medsphere