WhitepaperHealthcare Analytics

Going Big with Data

If you’re tasked with growth within your healthcare organization, you’re probably working to better understand how to use healthcare data to streamline your efforts and maximize results. Big data in healthcare can show hospitals key points within the patient pipeline–including, not only the top providers of care, but which physicians and networks are sharing patients with these providers.

By using organized dashboards and business analytics, you can easily identify what needs to be done in order to nurture existing relationships, recover struggling relationships and redirect leakage.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • The 3 primary sources & differences of big data in healthcare
  • Key questions to consider when weighing your data options
  • How to use internal & external claims data to drive growth initiatives
  • What dashboards are most helpful for other provider outreach teams
  • The benefits of PRM & healthcare data analytics integration

“What data source is right for my team? There’s no one perfect source of truth. Ideally, you should mix and match data sources to create the most complete picture of opportunities in your market.”