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Why Data is Both Important & Imperative for Physician Recruiters

Even though we don’t love (or even like) reporting, we all see the need for it. Recruiter’s reporting needs are generally centered around the larger goals of the organization and the KPIs related to each department. While most goals focus on finance, the difference comes in determining what language money is presented and calculated in for your organization — while some organizations may be starting from scratch with goal setting.

Why Data is Both Important & Imperative for Physician Recruiters

So how do you determine what reporting your organization needs to effectively measure and support these goals? Join us for this 30-minute webinar to learn why data is important to recruiting and how you can use it to support and report on your organization’s goals.

Watch this webinar to learn the following things about data for physician recruiters:

Why data is both important & imperative for recruiters.

  • Which candidate sources are providing the best ROI
  • Knowing how far in advance you need to start the search for a given specialty/setting the right expectation/timeframe
  • Finding best practice workflows to support improvement
  • Knowing how & where to spend your time
  • Reports for leadership that reflect efforts

Where recruiters can source & track data.

  • Through various candidate sourcing sites, but not sure how to bring it all together
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Paper checklists
  • Calendar/notes
  • Hire BI analyst/reporting guru
  • Comprehensive tracking/reporting tool

How to effectively utilize data for reporting.

  • Use it to refine your workflows
  • Communication to continue to refine the process
  • Create newsletters & PPT slides from the data
  • Use in 1:1 conversations with teams & leadership
  • Know how & where to spend your time
  • Compare against benchmarking data from AAPPR


Leslie Kinkade

(Former Client Success Executive)

Amanda Houchins — VP, Sales

Amanda Houchins

(Former VP of Sales @ Marketware)