3 Reasons Healthcare Teams are Choosing Marketware Over Salesforce

Why Healthcare Teams are Choosing Marketware Over Salesforce

In today’s competitive industry, healthcare teams are always on the lookout for tools and platforms that can help them streamline their outreach efforts and make data-driven decisions. While Salesforce has long been a popular choice for many organizations, more and more healthcare teams are turning to Marketware as their preferred solution.

Here are the top 3 reasons healthcare teams are choosing Marketware over Salesforce:

1. Fully Integrated Solution

✓ Centralized PRM & Analytics makes it easy to plan, track & measure key growth initiatives.

✘ No need to log into 3 different tools.

Marketware users have come to depend on the robust organizational features of our PRM to keep outreach efforts focused and efficient. In addition, our Healthcare Analytics allow clients to conduct in-depth research on physician referral patterns, patient demographics, and other relevant data points. This wealth of information empowers them to make informed decisions when it comes to developing targeted marketing strategies or identifying potential areas for growth.

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2. Healthcare Specific

✓ Platforms specifically designed by & for healthcare professionals.

✘ No need for hours of work to optimize for healthcare.

When it comes to being healthcare specific, Marketware has a clear advantage over generic solutions. Our platforms are built with the unique needs of the industry in mind, providing tailored features and functionalities to support the growth of your health system. Below are examples of how using a healthcare specific platform will help streamline processes.

  • Our PRM allows physician liaisons to better track activities, creating more impactful efforts & making the considerable value of their role to growth and ROI more recognizable.
  • Market data, when combined with your practice’s internal data, can give insight into what your physicians might need from your practice, and will help you develop a plan to make your outreach more effective.

3. Better Support

✓ Marketware has a team of Client Success Executives.

✘ No need to hire a consultant which can be costly & time-consuming.

At Marketware, we don’t just focus on our latest features and buttons — we focus on improving your team’s efficiency and bottom-line performance. When you join the Marketware team, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Client Success Executive to be with you and your team every step of the way. Our team of Executives have all formerly worked as liaisons and recruiters and have an extensive knowledge base of the industry and the product. From implementation and onboarding to your day-to-day activities, we’ll be here to support and enable your organization to strengthen and grow.

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Gone are the days when healthcare professionals had to struggle with clunky interfaces or spend precious time customizing generic software for their specific requirements. See for yourself why teams are choosing Marketware when you attend a customized demo of our platforms.

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Date: January 17 2024
Subject: Healthcare Analytics
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