Revamp Your Physician Recruitment Playbook Using Marketware Templates

In a this blog post, we talked about the importance of developing a physician recruitment playbook based on key milestones within your organization’s recruitment process. By outlining your process and what is expected across each stage along the way you can map out, track performance and coach your team to fill vacancies, minimize days to fill and support stronger retention.

Marketware’s Recruitment Platform was designed to be a user-friendly applicant tracking system that teams can use to visualize and refine their processes over time. For my team, the flexible physician recruitment workflow templates allowed us to revisit the stages of their recruitment process, confirm which specific activities need to be completed, and acts as an ideal timeline for completing tasks as candidates move into each stage along the recruitment process.

While we can design multiple workflows to fit our organization’s needs, our default physician recruitment workflow intentionally picks up with the moment a lead is presented by a source and considered a lead based on how well they match the practice opportunity criteria.

Our team identified 4 natural milestones that indicate a candidate is advancing in the recruitment process:

  1. When we begin the process of screening the candidate
  2. When we offer an onsite visit
  3. When we offer a contract
  4. When a signed contract is fully executed

As a result, the 4 stages in our default workflow include:

  1. Candidate screening
  2. Onsite visit
  3. Contracting
  4. Initiate onboarding

Once we created these 4 buckets, we worked as a team to identify the tasks that need to occur as part of each stage and the specific order or timeframe required to meet our days to fill targets.

Revamp Your Physician Recruitment Playbook Using Marketware Templates

Given the shortage in providers across the specialties we are interested in bringing on board, we know other organizations are reaching out to the same providers we are to present their opportunities. This means timing can be critical to demonstrating interest and staying top of mind. This is why it can be helpful to have an applicant tracking system that will automatically assign any related tasks based on the timeline specified as the candidate enters the stage. The fact that tasks tied to other stages are not assigned unless the candidate advances helps to reduce the need to create and skip any extraneous tasks along the way, saving the user time and effort.

As relevant candidates are identified or presented by a source, they are entered into the candidate tracking tool and assigned to the related practice opportunity. This practice opportunity is linked to a recruitment workflow template.

Revamp Your Physician Recruitment Playbook Using Marketware Templates

On the back end, reporting can help teams understand what percentage of tasks are being completed on time as well as the number of days candidates remain in one stage or another. These measurements can be helpful in monitoring your team’s success and making adjustments to your process that will reduce your days to fill over time.

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Date: February 23 2022
Subject: Physician Recruitment
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