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Data-Driven Physician Outreach

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Building a successful foundation for strategic alignment and growth requires outreach teams to use a combination of data and field intelligence. Learn how to read and leverage your data with our instructional data-driven physician outreach tool kit.

In this tool kit you’ll find the following templates and guides:

8Ps of Data-Driven Growth Overview

Those engaged in marketing are often familiar with the “4 Ps” — product, price, placement, and promotion. However, building a successful foundation for strategic alignment, growth, and data-driven physician outreach requires teams to use a combination of data and field intelligence that focuses on a different set of Ps.

Data Inventory Worksheet

Understand the data you have and how it relates to referrals with this short worksheet.

Case for Data-Driven Growth Outline

The leaders of today’s physician outreach teams will attest that data is the cornerstone to the successful development, implementation, and monitoring of referral development initiatives. In this guide we go over the 3 primary data sources that your team can use to gather insights for growth planning, how to review data, creating a data-driven target list, and pre-call planning.

Top 20 Outreach Targets Worksheet

A 1-page template with the type of information to be collected to create a list of your top 20 outreach targets. This also includes a guide with information on how to separate these targets by outreach focus.

Recommended Outreach Strategies

 By using available data and field intelligence to categorize referral partners by network integrity, you can develop a focused outreach strategy for strengthening and growing key referral relationships.