Physician Relationship Management — Frequently Asked Questions

Physician Relationship Management Questions

Marketware’s Physician Relationship Management Platform makes it easier than ever to plan, track and measure the effectiveness of liaison activity across key growth initiatives. You’ll be better armed to prevent physician turnover and loss of revenue by keeping organized timelines and task assignments. Review responsiveness by tracking physicians and close the loop on any obstacles to access or service issues. Our easy-to-use platform integrates claims data into the PRM to help you understand patient mix, payer mix, claims volume and shared patient connections at the provider level to help you evaluate return on visit.

If you haven’t used a PRM in the past, you probably have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

What is physician relationship management (PRM) software?

Physician relationship management (PRM) software is a centralized platform physician liaisons, administrators and other business development team members use to build provider and practice profiles, record field intelligence, track engagement efforts, monitor issues and more. 

How can PRM software help me understand physician referral patterns?

PRMs that integrate with your internal data can help business development teams visualize key referral sources and evaluate the strength of these relationships over time. For example, dashboards can help visualize where first-time referrals are coming from and what percentage are made in response to outreach. Teams can also watch for declines across key specialties that might indicate barriers to patient access or opportunities for service recovery. 

How can PRM software help me reduce patient leakage?

PRMs that integrate external claims data can help business development teams visualize how many patients’ key referral sources are sharing with targeted specialties today and what percentage are being captured by their provider network. This helps confirm patient pipelines that can lead to outmigration and with this analysis, providers can be marked as retention or growth targets for specific outreach campaigns. 

How can PRM software help me increase physician satisfaction & retention?

PRMs that track both engagement activities and field issues help business development teams understand who they’re spending their time with and how often, as well as key themes and responsiveness scores relating to practice or hospital barriers. They can also use dashboards, reports and modules to develop satisfaction and retention plans. 

How can PRM software support service line growth?

Whether it’s using campaign planning tools, highlighting key services within topics discussed or reviewing internal data trends tied to specific areas of care, PRMs offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to supporting service line campaigns and monitoring barriers to growth. 

How can my team use data integration from my PRM platform?

By using a physician relationship management (PRM) platform that integrates different sources of data within the provider profile, your team can view internal and external data trends at the provider level. This places key data at a liaison’s fingertips including patient mix, payer mix, claims volumes and shared patient connections– all within the PRM which supports stronger target lists and pre-call planning.

Is a mobile version of your PRM available?

Marketware’s is a web-based platform that can be accessed by any web-enabled device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. While we do offer a limited version of our PRM within app stores, some of the data integrations aren’t available in this version. Thus, most choose to access the full tool from their preferred web browser.

Do you have additional questions on how to use a PRM to guide your physician outreach? Please email me at Before being Marketware’s Vice President of Client Success, I was a Marketware customer myself! So, I know, firsthand, the impact a PRM can make.

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