Marketware’s 2022 Highlights & What’s to Come in 2023

Marketware's 2022 Highlights & What's to Come in 2023

It was a big year for Marketware. As big as 2022 was, we look forward to even better things to come. Before we jump into 2023, let’s look back at what 2022 brought to Marketware and our clients.

A Year in Review — 2022

Physician Strategy Suite Updates

Improvements to Note Fields on Person Records

Person Record notes can now be saved as an individual note record. These can include date, time and author stamp. This update enables teams to store and disperse information within each profile more effectively.

Ability to Add Files to Activities 

We expanded our options for activities, you can now store and view relevant files within each activity. Now, everyone has all the information and documents they may need to complete activities without having to search elsewhere for that information.

Learn more about files and activities here.

Protect Sensitive Files with “Edit Access” Feature

When importing files into the Physician Strategy Suite, you can now choose to restrict access for certain users. This new feature gives you more control over who can interact with sensitive files so you can feel confident in storing important, relevant files in the system.

Learn more about file restrictions here.

Physician Onboard Platform Update

Easily Update Active Onboard Projects with “Assigned To” Option

We’ve expanded the options with this field so you can assign project activities by roles assigned to providers, project group leads or other users. This will save time and automatically assign all project activities to the appropriate person.

Learn more about Onboard Projects here.

Physician Recruitment Platform Update

Apply Template Changes to Practice Opportunities

Similar to a recent feature that we added to Onboard projects and templates, you now have the same ability to easily update opportunities with changes made to Recruitment workflow template activities and stages.

What’s to Come — 2023

Physician Strategy Suite Planned Updates

Dashboard Enhancements

Expect big changes to dashboard and reporting in the new year. Updates will include faster report generation, improved data renderings and stronger insights into the data you want to understand most.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Security is always top of mind for Marketware, so in 2023 we will be working towards implementing single sign on (SSO) authentication. This will result in easier user management, handled from the customer side of the Physician Strategy Suite.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is a key goal for 2023. We went to ensure you never miss a beat while on the go. Whether you’re adding an activity reminder, viewing a candidate profile before an in-person interview or adding an onboard provider note regarding a move or post facility tour — access the information you need, wherever you are.

Physician Onboard Platform Update

Facility Onboarding/Offboarding

While our Onboard Projects have been a valuable tool for tracking provider onboarding, we are expanding their functionality. Soon you will be able to track Place Records through them as well. This will allow you to process and track important activities that need to occur when facilities are acquired, opened or closed.

Physician Recruitment Platform Update

Enhancements to Leads Feature

We’re excited to continue improving the way recruitment teams can use our leads feature. We will be adding better options to track the amount of work being done by your teams as they interact with each lead. We will also streamline list screenings by having the platform automatically identify potential candidates based on practice opportunity criteria.

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Date: January 04 2023
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