Easily Update Active Onboard Projects with Marketware’s Newest Feature

Easily Update Active Onboard Projects with Marketware's Newest Feature

We’re excited to announce our newest enhancement to in our Physician Onboard platform. This update will change the way project templates and onboard projects work together.  The new feature allows Marketware users to easily make updates to multiple onboard projects from within a project template. 

Previously, changes would need to be made in each project individually, creating a large amount of administrative work, especially when frequent changes occur.  This functionality greatly improves the speed at which onboard teams can keep their projects up to date — streamlining your teams work.

To give users the greatest amount of flexibility we’ve created a few options for how they can go about updating their onboard projects:

Within Onboard Projects

Once changes have been made to a project template, users will be able to select the “Update Project from Template” option from within any onboard project made from the template.  The onboard project will then be updated and synced with the updates you made within the template.

Onboard Projects

Within Project Templates

For users with many projects, we have also included the option to update them in bulk from within the template that they were created from.  After the “Apply Changes to Existing Projects” option is selected all projects made from the template will be updated with its changes.

Onboard Projects

For situations where users would like to update some but not all of projects created from the template, we’ve included an option that gives them the ability to select which projects they’d like to apply changes to.

Selecting the “View Projects Using This Template” option will open a list of the projects and users can choose which ones they would like to apply the template updates to via the list’s “Actions” drop-down.

Onboard Projects
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Date: April 05 2022
Subject: MW Product Updates
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