Adena Health Systems: Products & People Make the Difference

Today’s highly competitive landscape demands that you choose partners who understand your needs and provide solutions, not just software. That’s why Marketware’s Physician Strategy Suite is used by more than 200 healthcare organizations nationwide. In this short video, Adena Health System’s Tiffany Castor reveals how Marketware signature features — personal support and user-friendly products — have made her outreach efforts easier and more productive.

Webinar — Physician Relations & Healthcare Analytics

Identify & Reduce Your Hospitals Referral Leakage

Every hospital experiences leakage, it’s inevitable. But there are ways to reduce leakage and increase your growth, which is what we’ll be discussing in this webinar. Hear from…

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Webinar — Physician Relations & Healthcare Analytics

An Inside Look at Marketware’s PRM & Healthcare Analytics Platforms

Learn what makes our PRM and Healthcare Analytics platforms a must-have for physician relation teams. Join Danielle Krystyniak to see the ins and outs of the 2 platforms…

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Date: July 31 2018
Subject: Physician Relations
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Carrie Bennett

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