Ditch Spreadsheets to Streamline Physician & Provider Recruitment

Technology is certainly not new to healthcare. In fact, many in the industry would argue they already have too many systems and passwords to keep track of. Oddly enough, Physician and Provider Recruiters are often the exception. They may have access to a shared HR, non-provider platform or possibly a sales and marketing focused platform, but nothing that’s specifically geared to support the many aspects of the giant task at hand that is recruiting.

So, what do you do when you don’t have a system that works? The answer I hear most often from recruitment leaders and teams alike is — we’re trying to use spreadsheets (insert heavy sigh).

Why Your Physician & Provider Recruitment Teams Should Ditch Spreadsheets

While spreadsheets are ok for some tasks, like the other systems previously mentioned, they weren’t created for cross functional collaboration or the multiple complexities of tracking open physician and provider opportunities, sourcing, lead/candidate information, scheduling onsite interviews, contracting, or onboarding.

Recruitment teams all share many common frustrations when using spreadsheets, such as:

  • There are too many to keep track of & we still don’t have the information we need
  • Each team member has their own spreadsheet
  • Only one person can be in at a time (if on a shared drive)
  • There’s no reporting
  • No place to add important files like CVs

Using a Physician & Provider Recruitment Platform or Tool to Streamline

Although physician and provider specific options have previously been non-existent or extremely limited, we now know there are better options available. These platforms can help our busy recruiters and recruitment teams spend less time finding information or creating reports and more time doing the important work of bringing physicians and/or providers to the organization(s) and broader communities they serve.

Important features/functions to look for as you evaluate tools to support your Physician & Provider Recruitment teams:

  • Provide a venue for communication & collaboration between key members of the hiring team
  • House all physician & provider opportunities
  • Track sources, conversion rates & costs to know where you’re getting the best ROI
  • Single database to house all leads & candidates, to create institutional knowledge & better pipeline management
  • Create detailed profiles to capture, share & utilize lead/candidate/family information from recruitment, to onboarding, engagement & beyond
  • Develop a clear, repeatable recruitment process/experience, specific to the needs of your candidates & organization
  • Allow everyone to see where candidate(s) are in the recruitment process
  • Track activities & expenses (by provider, location, specialty or type)
  • Leverage technology to decrease administrative time spent entering information, creating reports & dashboards
Ditch the Spreadsheets to Streamline Physician & Provider Onboarding

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Date: May 31 2023
Subject: Physician Recruitment
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