A Strategic & Coordinated Implementation Plan

A Strategic & Coordinated Implementation Plan

As Marketware’s Implementation Coordinator, I know that getting off to a good start is critical to ensuring a great and successful partnership with our clients. Not only are 1st impressions the key to building trust — but putting your best foot forward from the start can save your organization time and money while leading to stronger satisfaction. The key to a good start is a strategic and coordinated implementation plan.

Before I joined Marketware, I worked in a customer success role where I often heard feedback from clients that some parts of our implementation were unorganized, leading to delays in users being able to access and dig into our platform and dashboards. When I looked at the numbers, I could see why they thought this: it was taking 115 days, on average, for a new client to be fully implemented. This certainly wasn’t by design. In fact, our process didn’t really have a design. Upon reviewing this, our team made some key changes which cut our days to launch by 35% and positively impacted new client satisfaction scores. That is why at Marketware our Client Success Team has worked hard to have a strategic plan in place upon purchasing 1 or more of our Physician Strategy Suite platforms.

Designated Marketware Contacts

When you join the Marketware team, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Implementation Coordinator and a Client Success Executive to be with you and your team every step of the way. Our team of Executives have all formerly worked as liaisons and recruiters and have an extensive knowledge base of the industry and the product. From implementation and onboarding to your day-to-day activities, we’ll be here to support and enable your organization to strengthen and grow.

Implementation Coordinator

  • Coordinates implementation plan timeline
  • Works closely with other Marketware departments to coordinates account set up & data imports
  • Confirms platform & dashboard functionality prior to launch
  • Regularly updates you on status of implementation activities, open tickets &/or enhancement requests
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Client Success Executive

  • Serves as liaison between client & internal departments at MW
  • Conducts regular cadence calls to assess progress
  • Facilitates on-going training as new use cases, functions or features are introduced
  • Provides formal business & adoption reviews every 100-180 days
Meet the Team

The 5 Stage Implementation Plan

Marketware’s implementation isn’t just a 1-&-done sort of thing. Once you’ve joined, our team will begin onboarding your organization in 5 stages.

1. Discovery

As you get started, you’ll work with your dedicated CSE to set a timeline, understand your organization’s strategic priorities and set next steps.

  • Introductions
  • Timeline
  • Strategic Priorities
  • Next Steps

2. Planning

In this stage, we’ll work together to understand your internal and external data assets and get both your software and users set up and ready to run.

  • Internal Data Assets
  • External Data Assets
  • User Set Up
  • PRM Set Up
  • Analytics Set Up
  • Recruit Set Up
  • Onboard Set Up

3. Training

Now it’s time to get going! Your dedicated CSE will coordinate with you to set up online modules, virtual training, overview your claims data and facilitate live training to ensure your team is educated and ready to go.

  • Virtual Training
  • Live Training

4. Launch

In the launch stage, we’ll be here every step of the way. We’ll be ready before, during, and after launch with support for all your users, any data refining you may need, and ongoing training.

  • New User Analysis
  • Data Refinement
  • Ongoing Training
  • Business Review at 100 Days

5. Onboarding

Whatever you need, our team will still be here. Your CSE will conduct regular calls to check in, offer best practices and help with any support you may need.

  • Best Practice Calls
  • Product Support
  • Business Review at 200 & 300 Days

Ongoing Support & Consultation

Once you’re through implementation and your team is actively using Marketware, your Client Success Executive will not only continue to be your advocate but will also focus on providing strategic insight. This is accomplished through a routine Executive Business Review (EBR). These scheduled meetings are designed to engage your key stakeholders in understanding how optimization of Marketware can further support a positive return on investment for organizational goals and strategies.

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Date: March 04 2022
Subject: Client Success
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Danielle Krystyniak — Director, Client Success
Danielle Krystyniak

Director, Client Success