Marketware’s 2023 Highlights & What’s to Come in 2024

What's to Come in 2024

It was a big year for Marketware. A variety of new features and enhancements were introduced to Marketware in 2023 to support our growing number of users.

A Year in Review — 2023

Increased Performance within Analytics Dashboards

Our analytics dashboards and visualization tools have been completely redesigned and implemented, which is the biggest update in Marketware’s history. As a result of changing Marketware’s visualization tool, greater filtering capabilities are now available, data performance has been optimized, and application access has become more consistent.

Dashboards have been streamlined from tabular views to jump-outs — simplifying user access to the data they need.

All the original features you’ve come to know and love from our analytics dashboards remain. They are now just packaged with an updated view and new exciting features.

Learn more about the integration of Sisense.

Data Tracking for AAPPR Benchmarking Fields

Marketware understands how important the yearly AAPPR benchmarking report is to our recruit users and wanted to ensure recruiters wouldn’t miss a beat in being able to submit their data to be considered in the report.

To do this, Marketware has added fields and additional ways to track data that directly correlate with questions from previous surveys. Key fields include interview types, offers and offer responses, candidate types for the job listing, and local ties whether a prospect has been termed or not.

Learn more about the AAPPR benchmarking fields.

Onboarding Start Date Change Reports

The process of onboarding a new provider is complex and requires input from many departments. Start dates can change quickly, even if one department gets blocked. Marketware has added fields for start date change history and start date change reasons to help you answer leadership questions.

Linked Activities

When it comes to working cross-functionally, we understand the difficulties of ensuring team members know when it’s time for them to work on their piece of the process. To solve this, Marketware has created linked activities.

Linked activities allow users to indicate a pre-requisite activity and upon completion, the users assigned to the dependent activity will be notified — no more checking in constantly.

Custom Fields Grouping

Marketware stands above the crowd by allowing its users to create custom fields for people, places, and practice opportunities. Easily report back on these by pulling them instantly into their respective list grids to gain a larger picture of what is happening with the information that’s most important to you. Because this feature is so loved, we saw a need to allow customers to group these custom fields in a way that made the most sense for their organization.

Learn more about custom fields.

Personalized Default Lists

Our Recruiting and Onboarding platforms have an extensive list reporting feature throughout the application — people, places, practice opportunities, candidates, onboard projects, providers — you name it, we have a list for it. With the ability to create filtered or saved views for each of these lists, we understood there may be specific information that is key for each user, which enabled us to introduce the feature of favoriting a default list. Once a list is made the default, every time you navigate to that list grid, this will be the first view you see.

 Learn more about default fields.

What’s to Come — 2024

In 2024, Marketware is poised to deliver even greater value and support to its users. With a clear focus on meeting the evolving needs of its customers, Marketware is committed to enhancing application support and fine-tuning features for an unparalleled user experience.

Enhanced Application Support

One of the key areas of focus for Marketware in 2024 will be application support. They understand that seamless integration and efficient functionality are crucial for businesses to thrive. By providing enhanced support, they aim to empower their users with a robust platform that streamlines processes and maximizes productivity.

Fine-Tuning Features

Marketware is dedicated to bringing the highest level of performance to its features based on user feedback and industry trends such as:

  • Security access for custom fields — lockdown information key for specific departments only
  • Actions on files such as bulk emailing & downloading
  • Updates to password security to be in line with best practices

These and so much more will allow us to adjust to ensure our application remains up-to-date and provides the best user experience.

As we look ahead to 2024, Marketware remains dedicated to providing unparalleled support and innovative features that ensure growth within your health system.

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Date: January 10 2024
Subject: MW Product Updates
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