Marketware Adds Ability to Set Default List Filters

Marketware Adds Ability to Set Default List Filters

We’re excited to announce our newest enhancement to list viewing options within the Physician Strategy Suite. You now can select a saved list or quick filters as your personalized, default view whenever you load a list grid (including: people, places, activities, issues, initiatives, recruit and onboard).

A quick recap of what saved lists & quick filters are:

  • Saved Lists: A saved selection of your most needed records for easy navigation
  • Quick Filters: A saved customized selection of 1 or more filters on the list itself

Previously, you only had the option of loading lists with 1 of the 3 main list filters:

  • ‘All’ Filter: Displays all records currently in the system
  • ‘My’ Filter: Displays records that I am directly assigned to
  • ‘My Team’s’ Filter: Displays records that have been added to a team that I am assigned to

The option to use quick filters or saved lists opens up the possibility to fully customize what info loads first and allows you to change and update them to suit whatever works best for you.

How Default List Filters Work

Select a Default Filter

Once a quick filter or saved list has been created, you can select it as a default by clicking the star icon next to it within the filter drop-down.

Now whenever you return to that list, it will load the records according to that stared, selected filter.

Marketware Adds Ability to Set Default List Filters

Change or Remove a Default Filter

If you no longer need a list to be filtered a certain way by default, you have the option to either update the quick filter or saved list, select another option as the default or completely remove for your default filter to automatically revert to the “All”, “My”, or “My Team” filters according to user permissions.

Marketware Adds Ability to Set Default List Filters

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Date: July 12 2023
Subject: MW Product Updates
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