Tool KitPhysician Recruitment

Physician Recruitment & Retention

When providers play an integral part in your growth strategy, retention can be just as important as physician recruitment for overall success. Know what questions to ask, what to look for, and how to organize your site visits so you get, and keep, the best candidates.

In this tool kit you’ll find the following templates and guides:

Physician Recruitment & Retention

Physician Recruitment Team Guide

 A 12-person committee made up of the CEO, physician recruiter, practice manager, and 8 other hospital leaders dedicated to the development and growth of your facility. Invited to serve 2-year staggered terms, members of this committee should commit to participating in quarterly group meetings and being available for consultations (as needed) during the recruitment season. 

Candidate Interview Guide

A guide of questions to ask your physician candidate before the site visit, during the site visit & after the site visit.

Candidate Feedback Form

A templated form to send out to candidates in order to get feedback on your recruitment process.

Site Visit Planning Guide

A short template for planning on-site visits and a series of questions to ask the candidate to put that plan in place.

 Site Visit Evaluation Worksheet

 Periodically reviewing the structure and content of your site visits from the perspective of a recruitment candidate can help identify opportunities to put your organization’s best foot forward. Use this guide to review how you plan, execute, and follow up on site visits today, and any tweaks you may consider to host better visits going forward. 

Candidate Recruitment Summary

A short template of quick facts to know about your physician candidate and a series of questions to ask during the screening interview.