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4-Part Virtual Recruiting Strategy Sessions

As industries across the US are prioritizing the health and safety of their employees and communities amid coronavirus, many recruitment teams are reassessing how they conduct physician candidate interviews. In many cases, this means transitioning from in-person interviews and site visits to virtual ones.

Join Carrie Bennett (Marketware) and Mitzi Kent (Barlow/McCarthy) for this 4-part recruiting strategy sessions on transitioning to this virtual paradigm. Together, these healthcare leaders have over 40 years of experience in physician recruitment development and actively partner with others virtually and remotely.

The 4-part recruiting strategy sessions, includes:

Part 1: Recruiting Under Travel Restrictions: Staging a Virtual Site Visit

In the first part of our series we go over how to set up for your site visit. This strategy talk will include: interview questions, testing technology, sample itineraries and planning your process.

Part 2: Prepare Your Candidates for Virtual Interviews

In this part, Mitzi and Carrie go over how you can prepare your candidates, as well as how you can best prepare for them. This strategy talk will include: how to be a good host, what to share in advance, what to have ready with you and tips for after the interview.

Part 3: Adapt Your Onboarding Plan to Today’s Virtual Environment

Part 3 moves into onboarding, the difference between it and orientation, and what that means for a virtual environment. This strategy talk will include: touch points for physicians, focused check lists, key onboarding team members and sample agendas.

Part 4: Optimize Candidate Tracking System to Streamline Recruitment & Onboarding

To round off the series, Mitzi and Carrie talk about tracking systems and how to use 1 to streamline your process. This strategy talk will include: physician applicant tracking systems, broadcast emails, onboarding platforms and data analytics.

Mitzi Kent

Mitzi Kent, RN, BSN



Carrie Bennett, FACHE

Strategic Advisor (Former COO)