Physician Recruitment — Little Things Make a Big Difference

In the often hectic world of physician and provider recruitment, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. In this blog we go over updates within our Physician Recruitment Platform that some may consider ‘little’ but make a huge impact on the way recruiters track key details.

Supervising Physicians

We know that Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are a huge factor in workforce plans, so we’ve added the functionality to track and report on who their Supervising Physician. This update give you better insight on how to maintain this relationship through the physicians they work closely with on a day-to-day basis.


Within practice opportunities clients have had the ability to track Job Boards where they’ve posted the opportunity. Now, recruiting teams can also track Agencies that may be assisting with the search, highlighting all the important information in one place.  

Location Desirability 

The Benchmarking Report from AAPPR (Advancing Physician & Provider Recruitment), is invaluable. In order to make it easier for you to participate by sharing data, we’ve been adding in additional ways to track the data that directly correlates with previous survey questions. One of these fields is, Location Desirability. You can now make a selection for each opportunity, in opportunity details. You can also see this in reporting or list views.


While we don’t want to think about turnover in the Recruitment, Physician Engagement or Strategy space, it happens.  Whether the provider was termed voluntarily or involuntarily, we understand the need to track key details and report on those leaving the organization. These details can be tracked using the Termed field within Practice Details on a Provider Profile.

Physician Commonalities Dashboard

Have you ever wondered what candidates or existing physicians speak the same foreign language or attended the same medical school/residency program, share hobbies, etc.? Over the last few years, we’ve heard how alone our physicians and providers can feel. More than ever we are understanding the need to connect them with their peers. But to do this, you need data. That is why we’ve created a dashboard to help you easily see where physicians have these commonalities.

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Date: September 20 2023
Subject: MW Product Updates
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