Why Physician Recruitment Data is Both Important & Imperative

Why Physician Recruitment Data is Both Important & Imperative

Why Physician recruitment data? We talk to a lot of people, but it’s not often we hear from a physician recruiter or physician recruitment leader who has a passion for reporting. That being said, even though we know our recruitment teams don’t love (or really even like) reporting, we know that they understand the need for it. Physician recruiters need data and reporting to source, track and effectively report—but the bigger challenge is often how to get started. Oftentimes recruiters face too much or too little data, and sometimes even the wrong data. 

Recruiters reporting needs are generally centered around the larger goals of the organization and the KPIs related to each department. While most goals ultimately focus on finance, the difference comes in determining what language money is presented and calculated in for your organization. Post Covid, some teams and organizations may even be starting from scratch with goal setting.

So why do physician recruiters need data now & how can it help them? 

Physician recruitment data is imperative in showing which candidate sources are providing the best ROI and can help set a timeframe for how far in advance recruiters should start searching for candidates. Data can also help recruiters find best practice workflows to support improvement and help recruiters know how and where to spend their time to make their efforts as effective as possible. 

Many physician recruiters polled by Marketware in a recent webinar said they didn’t know where to find data or that they had access to it, but it was too cumbersome to use it to prepare reports. 

Data can be sourced and tracked in multiple places, including an applicant tracking system, or recruiting solution, like Marketware. Other common sources, even within large health systems, can include excel spreadsheets, calendars notes and paper checklists. 

Once recruiters or recruitment leaders have put in the time and effort to procure data, it’s important to understand how to use it effectively. Data can be used to define recruitment workflows and to help teams continue refining any processes needed to create the optimal candidate experience. The data can be used to create reports and presentations to demonstrate recruiter ROI and should also be used in regular conversations with leaders throughout the organization.

Recruiting data should, at its core, allow recruiters to plan their work and work their plan.

Learn more about why data is important and imperative for recruiters in our recent webinar. Watch on-demand now!

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Date: May 11 2021
Subject: Physician Recruitment
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