How to Capture Attention with Physician Job Posts

How to Capture Attention with Physician Job Posts

If you have worked in recruitment long you know that many stages of provider recruitment follow a consistent timeline. Typically, this is the time of year when organizations refresh their medical staff development plan to determine recruitment needs for the new year. When physician recruiters get the green light to continue recruiting for those open opportunities, one of the top “to-do’s” should be to refresh physician job postings. Creating the perfect physician job posts requires careful planning and a measured approach to highlight the job and your organization.

Here are a few must-haves to ensure you get noticed:

1. Job Title Header

First impressions count! It’s the first thing that grabs your candidate’s attention and makes physicians want to click for more information. Remember to keep it short and use key descriptive words. Action terms like “newly renovated operation room” or “market expansion to reach more patients,” gives the candidate the impression of growth and strong positioning.

2. Job Description

The better you can paint the picture of a typical workday, the more likely you will attract the ideal candidates. Think about key details such as the number of providers and support staff in the group and how they work together. This will give the candidate some understanding of workflow.

3. Company Description

Equally crucial to clinical fit is cultural fit; you aren’t just trying to get qualified candidates to apply, you want candidates that share your organization’s mission and vision. Share what makes you unique; for example, most recently, how your organization has cared for the community during the pandemic.

4. Call to Action

Many candidates tell me that if the process to apply is complicated, meaning too many steps, they will move on to the next opportunity. If your postings are on your website, make sure it is easy to upload their CV, and it will pre-populate the fields. Give it a try yourself to be sure the bugs are worked out. If you are posting on job boards, make sure you include both your email and cell number so they can contact you either way.

A refresh to your 2020 physician job posts may be just the thing you need for finding the right candidates in 2021. Give them something to get excited about!

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Date: March 24 2021
Subject: Physician Recruitment
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