Top 15 Physician Candidate Interview Questions

Top 15 Physician Candidate Interview Questions

Physician candidate interviews can be difficult to structure and you may find it difficult to coax answers out the interviewee. Your new physician will be working directly with patients, representing your organization and directly impact your reputation of care and more, so it’s important to ask direct personal and professional questions to make sure you and your team get to know the candidate in the short amount of time you’re spending together. Here are the top 15 questions for your physician candidate interview to help you select the best candidate for your team at every stage of the process.

Prior to 1st Interview

These are questions physician recruiters should ask in the screen processing as candidates are being sourced.

1. How did you learn about our opportunity & what caught your interest about it?

2. Are you interested in a specific type of practice structure? (private practice, partnership, or employment)

3. Would you be relocating for this opportunity & would anyone else be relocating with you?

4. What interests do you have outside of practicing medicine?

Interview Questions

Ask these questions during your 1st site visit or Zoom call to get to know the provider more in-depth.

5. Are accommodations are satisfactory? (in case anything needs attention during the potential visit)

6. What do you feel constitutes a busy practice? (patients/day, surgeries/month, etc.)

7. How many patients do you currently see per day? (for practicing physicians)

8. How many patients would you like to see a day?

9. Do you plan to follow your own patients in the hospital or admit to the hospitalist service? (for primary care physician’s)

10. Do you have any prior experience referring patients to our organization?

11. What interests do you have outside of practicing medicine?

Conclusion of Site Visit

Physician recruiters should follow up with the provider candidate and ask the following questions to get a better pulse on where the candidate stands in the process.

12. What would help you feel that this community is a good fit for you and your needs?

13. Do you any additional interviews scheduled now?

14. What is your time frame for deciding?

15. Are there any other questions about the organization or role requirements I can help answer?

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Date: July 07 2021
Subject: Physician Recruitment
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