Top 4 Benefits of Healthcare Data Analytics & PRM Integration

Top 4 Benefits of Healthcare Data Analytics & PRM Integration

When it comes to driving growth for your healthcare organization, you certainly understand the value of business intelligence — and you probably see great return from a Physician Relationship Management (PRM). But, have you considered what the impact would be of healthcare data analytics & PRM together? Here are the top 4 benefits you can enjoy from a physician relationship management and healthcare data analytics integration:

1. View Claims Data in Your Physician Relationship Manager

See claims data results at the provider level–including patient/payer mix, claims volumes & shared patient connections.

2. Use PRM Fields as Dashboard Filters

Access physician relationship manager filters in your business intelligence dashboards to see internal & external data results for key profile fields &/or providers from specific initiatives, visits or issues.

3. Turn Data Insights into PRM Actions

Select providers from your healthcare data analytics dashboards & push them to a list, initiative or task in your physician relationship manager.

4. Evaluate Your ROV (Return on Visit)

Leverage integrated dashboards for a high-level view of your team’s effectiveness–including provider engagement & outreach results.

Healthcare Data Analytics & PRM Integration Demo

To better understand, and leverage, the data you already have, complete this Data Inventory Worksheet from our Going Big with Data white paper. Or schedule a quick demo of Marketware’s Physician Relationship Manager & healthcare data analytics integration capabilities.

Date: October 26 2022
Subject: Physician Relations
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Josh Cameron, MBA

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