Top 3 Physician Recruitment Strategies

Top 3 Physician Recruitment Strategies

As a physician recruiter, practice administrator, or member of a physician onboarding team, you’re probably experiencing the physician shortage crisis firsthand. According to a study by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the shortage may reach 122,000 physicians by 2032 — making your physician recruitment strategies and activities all the more difficult!

To stay ahead of the game, many healthcare organizations are employing advanced physician recruitment and onboarding software. You can also ensure you recruit the best physicians by supplementing good software with these innovative physician recruitment strategies.

Top 3 Physician Recruitment Strategies

1. Targeted Communication

While communication is undoubtedly the most important facet of your physician recruitment strategies, it can be the most confusing. You’ll read that physicians rarely use social media. Then, see another study saying that social media should be your top engagement tool for effective physician marketing. Case in point…

A HealthLink Dimensions study found that only 3% of the 700 physicians surveyed used social media for business communications. However, more than 50% said they planned to use it in the future.

When developing your physician recruitment communication plan, first identify who you’re targeting and their communication preferences. Young physicians researching employment opportunities typically turn to social media, discussion forums, and online job sites. So, if you’re targeting millennial physicians, your communications should be concise and digitally oriented.

Other best practices for more targeted communications include:

  • Create a presence for yourself on healthcare networks & discussion forums.
  • Use paid social media ads.
  • Use keywords & messaging that match the specialties of potential recruits–speak their language.
  • Optimize your healthcare specialty pages to draw their attention.
  • Provide details about your healthcare program (the hospital’s organization, assessment tools utilized, etc.) & compelling data on your treatment & facility results.
  • Emphasize innovative techniques & technologies available to your physicians, particularly if they’re unique to your facility.

2. Competitive Compensation

Money‘s not the only thing physicians value when searching for their ideal position — but, it’s definitely towards the top of their list. Young physicians, in particular, have invested a lot of time, money, and energy into their education. So, they need to see a ROI commensurate to their skills.

That said, competitive compensation for the best physicians goes beyond the mighty dollar. As a healthcare recruiter/administrator, you must emphasize the benefits that set your organization apart.

A few key items to highlight in your physician marketing are:

  • Medical malpractice insurance: This can make or break a physician.
  • Education reimbursement: Do you cover the cost of required CME? New physicians also prize student loan forgiveness.
  • Paid relocation: Will you cover their moving expenses, including extras like utility hook-ups & a travel per diem? How about concierge services? Arranging school transfers, giving church & social group referrals & anything else needed to make their move easier.
  • Ample vacation time: A brutal work schedule can lead to burnout. Your physician marketing will most likely be aimed at young physicians who will work diligently for you. But, you also want to offer a good work-life balance to retain the best physicians.

3. Character & Commitment

This is a 2-way street. During your introductory interviews, are you getting first impressions of candidates who are dedicated to their profession and willing to commit to your healthcare program? At the same time, are you putting your best foot forward and presenting a supportive and healthy work environment?

Physician liaisons are an excellent resource to strengthen your physician recruitment strategies and activities. They know the language of the physicians you’re trying to recruit and understand the questions and concerns associated with moving to a new facility and community.

If you include them in your physician recruitment efforts, liaisons can provide feedback and observations that may not be revealed in formal interviews. Casual conversations can uncover vital information about a candidate’s character, communication style, and drive that may solidify, or sully, your hiring decision. Conversations with physician liaisons can also help sell your organization to recruited physicians — showing they have another ally who’s there to help nurture and grow their practice.

Innovative Physician Recruitment Ideas

Despite a physician shortage, these top 3 physician recruitment strategies should give you the help you need to secure the best providers for your practice or healthcare organization. Add in a robust provider recruitment and onboarding platform, and you’ll be well ahead of the game with an innovative physician recruitment program.

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Date: October 11 2023
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