Ditch Spreadsheets to Streamline Physician & Provider Onboarding

Ditch the Spreadsheets to Streamline Physician & Provider Onboarding

Like other industries, a healthcare organization’s onboarding process sets the tone for every new employee’s experience. Yet, many don’t have a cohesive plan or process in place, outside of a spreadsheets for their most complex onboarding endeavor-physicians.

Organizations spend a lot of time as well as money to source, interview, hire, onboard and engage new physicians. No matter how well the other steps in the process go, providing even a mediocre onboarding experience can drastically decrease your new physician’s excitement and overall chances of retention.

Why Your Physician & Provider Onboarding Teams Should Ditch Spreadsheets

We’ve heard it said before but onboarding truly is a team sport. There are often multiple people, from multiple groups (sometimes 20+) across the organization who’s processes and timelines all need to align perfectly so that your new physician (or provider) can start on time, ready to bill and ready to build (ramp up)

The problem most organizations don’t know how to solve: How do you orchestrate hundreds of activities from within each of these groups and provide an exceptional experience for your new physician when you’re working from a spreadsheet or each team’s individual checklist?

Common frustrations we hear from onboarding teams who use spreadsheets:

  • Each department has their own method of tracking but there’s not an up-to-date, centralized, source of truth
  • Duplicative processes & requests that are time consuming & frustrating for internal teams as well as the physician or provider
  • We spend countless hours trying to share & consolidate information for our weekly onboarding meeting
  • There’s no reporting or data

Using a Physician & Provider Onboarding Platform or Tool to Streamline

Although physician and provider specific options have previously been non-existent, generic or extremely limited — we now know there are better options available. Platforms that can help onboarding teams spend less time asking for status updates, finding shared information or creating reports — leaving more time to do the important work of bringing physicians/providers to your organization and broader communities in a timely, organized manner that sets both the new physician and organization up for success.

The solution — an onboarding platform built specifically for the complexities involved with bringing new physicians & providers to your practice.

How a physician & provider onboarding platform helps:

  • Provide a venue for communication & collaboration that encompasses all members/groups involved in the onboarding process
  • See all incoming physicians & providers in one place
  • Create detailed profiles to capture information, share files & utilize provider/family details, from recruitment, to onboarding & engagement
  • Develop a clear, onboarding process/experience, specific to the needs of your provider type, employment type, location or specialty
  • Allow everyone to see exactly where physicians & providers are at in the onboarding process (visual board or list view)
  • Leverage technology to decrease administrative time spent entering information, creating reports & dashboards

Ditch those outdated spreadsheets and leverage technology to help improve the outcome and experience for everyone involved!

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Date: August 09 2023
Subject: Physician Onboarding
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