Words of Wisdom for 2022 from the Team at Marketware

Words of Wisdom for 2022 from the Team at Marketware

As we head into the new year it’s the perfect time to pause, reset and re-envision our goals. The Client Success team at Marketware has offered their ‘words of wisdom’ on how you can do this in 2022.

Over the last 2 years many teams, organizations and even communities have been in survival mode. In this new year let’s shift our focus from survival mode to thrive-prosper-exceed possibilities and expectations mode.

Create your vision, share it (along with your why), encourage others to do the same then watch the magic happen! It’s amazing what motivated people with a dream and a plan can accomplish together.

— Leslie Kinkade, Client Success Executive

The beginning of each year is a time when most people are open to change and new beginnings. The end of the year can be a great time to prepare for those conversations by using market research and data to plan for those discussions to make best use of your time.

This is also, a great time for a personal note to key relationships or new ones that you’d like to forge. Best wishes to you and your teams in the new year!

— Crystal Bishop, Client Success Executive

Reflect on all that you and your team have accomplished this year. Give yourself credit for those things. Then, look at the ways you and your team can build upon that in 2022.

— Danielle Krystyniak, Director, Client Success

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” — CS Lewis

— Rikki McClendon, Product Support Specialist

The new year is all about goal setting and identifying new opportunities for growth. Look forward to what you, your team and strategic partners can do to achieve these goals.

— Jennifer Schimpf, MS, RHIA, Client Success Executive

“One genuine new relationship is worth a fistful of business cards” — Susan Cain

Don’t be so focused on trying to meet a quota that you lose opportunities to cultivate real relationships. Everyone wants to be heard, so spend time listening. Be authentic when interacting with people, so they feel safe to share their feelings and ideas with you. Over the next year, try to “connect” with some of your contacts and at the end of the year celebrate those new relationships! 

— Amy Milazzo, Client Success Executive

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Date: December 29 2021
Subject: Client Success
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Danielle Krystyniak

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