WhitepaperPhysician Onboarding

Develop a Results-Driven Onboarding Process to Accelerate Physician Success

Why Onboarding’s an Issue You Can’t Afford to Ignore

You may meet every recruiting and hiring goal you set. But if you can’t keep the physicians you hire more than a few years, you’ll never be able to out-recruit your losses. It’s not unusual for a hospital to lose half the physicians it recruits over 5 years.

As frustrating as this statistic is on the surface, this attrition is also costly. Consider how much your organization spends to recruit and hire a single physician. Add the cost of a guaranteed salary during the new physician’s ramp-up time. Then, consider the loss of revenue an unfilled position creates. This adds up to a number most hospitals can’t afford to bear.

Learn why physicians are leaving hospitals & what to do about it:

  • Management does not seek or listen to medical staff input
  • The physician’s spouse or children are unhappy
  • Lack of tools or support to help the practice grow
  • Low patient volume leading to fear of losing professional skills or income after guaranteed salary
  • Lack of processional interaction, support or camaraderie with other physicians