White PaperPhysician Relations

How Physician Relations Can Build Value Into Every Visit

An ideal visit between a physician liaison and a physician ends with both parties believing the visit was a valuable use of their limited time. That’s why building value into every visit is so important. Not just for the liaison, but for the physician. If they feel meeting with you is a good use of their time, they’ll do it again. If not, your next meeting might be with their gatekeeper. Respect their time and they’ll give you more of it.

Read this white paper to learn 7 actionable steps to build value into meetings:

1. Have a Goal for Every Meeting

If you don’t have a goal, don’t have a meeting. Following this rule ensures you go into every meeting knowing what you want to get out of it. 

2. Prepare for Every Meeting

Avoid dropping in unannounced or unprepared. Both offer a sure path to a bad visit. Instead, schedule your appointments according to the physician’s preference and always come prepared. 

3. Adapt to the Connecting Style of You Prospects

Time in the field gives you the experience to know which physicians are all business and who prefers a more personal approach. 

4. Create Impactful Conversations

Physician outreach is all about engaging physicians in meaningful conversation so you can better understand their needs and using that as a transition to the purpose of your visit. 

5. Create Value for Both Sides

Based on what you learn from your conversation, transition the conversation to your purpose and convey how working together benefits the physician or practice. 

6. Establish Credibility

End every meeting with a closing action. Consider what you can do at the end of your visit to advance the relationship. 

7. Be Proactive

Being accountable in both good and bad times can also boost credibility. This includes being present when a service isn’t working. 

“Strategically position yourself by considering what you bring to the meeting and what mutually beneficial topics you’ll discuss.”