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How Physician Relations Can Build Value Into Every Visit

An ideal visit between a physician liaison and a physician ends with both parties believing the visit was a valuable use of their limited time. That’s why building value into every visit is so important. Not just for the liaison, but for the physician. If they feel meeting with you is a good use of their time, they’ll do it again. If not, your next meeting might be with their gatekeeper. Respect their time and they’ll give you more of it.

Read this white paper to learn 7 actionable steps to build value into meetings:

  • Prepare & have a goal for every meeting
  • Adapt to the connecting style of your prospects
  • Create impactful conversations
  • Build value for both sides
  • Establish credibility
  • Be proactive
Sneak Peek

“Strategically position yourself by considering what you bring to the meeting and what mutually beneficial topics you’ll discuss.”