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5 Fast Rules to Referral Growth

Being able to increase physician referrals is within reach of each and every healthcare organization. Whether you are working on referrals for 1 service line or every service line, there are 5 easy ways you can improve your competitive advantage and increase referrals from physicians. With today’s healthcare landscape is in transition and is more complex than ever before. Everyone needs to grow revenue, while keeping operating costs low. Increasing physician referrals is within reach of every healthcare organization, but where do you begin? We created this white paper to help guide you through the rules to referral growth.

5 Fast Rules to Referral Growth

In this white paper learn quick tips to optimize your physician relations program:

Understand Referral Patterns & Splitter Behavior 

Through understanding referral patterns and splitter behavior, physician relations departments are able to know which physicians to target and how to strategically approach them. It is the means by which a physician relations department can narrow its focus to where it will be most impactful. 

Create a Target List 

Hospitals and clinics do not have to visit all of the physicians in their market area to be successful. Referrals are gained by effectively identifying a profitable physician segment and target list and developing organizational focus to acquire the loyalty of the desired physicians. 

Develop Strategic Actions 

Physician referral development is not your typical sell. Within physician relations, physician liaisons are building relationships of trust that produce referrals. These relationships of trust require strategic actions accomplished over an extended period of time. 

Maximize Your Influence 

Healthcare organizations can move their outreach into the next generation of physician relations — Physician Relations 2.0 — to become more effective and generate greater return on investment (ROI)

Quantify Return on Investment 

Quantifying physician referrals and ROI is central to every physician referral plan. It becomes the bench mark to measure key performance indicators. It provides the direction for any referral program and initiative. 

“Data is a healthcare organization’s best friend, if it is used correctly. If it is not used correctly, or not at all, it can be frustrating and costly.”