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PRM with Integrated Claims Data

Lunch & Learn Webinar

Join us as we demonstrate the capabilities of our Physician Relationship Management (PRM) Platform with integrated Provider Claims Data. Highlighting how these resources can be utilized to strengthen your referral network, optimize volume distribution, increase revenue, and expand market share.

PRM with Integrated Claims Data

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the following features of our PRM with Integrated Claims Data:

1. Drive/Redirect Volume & Retain Referral Pipelines

This integrated approach enables you to pinpoint missed opportunities, drive patient volume, retain valuable referral pipelines, and cultivate stronger relationships with referring physicians.

2. Gain Insight into Procedure Volumes

Determine which procedures are being performed the most and by whom. By analyzing this data, you can strategically redirect volume by identifying high-performing providers and fostering partnerships with them. Additionally, understanding procedure trends allows you to identify growth opportunities within your service lines.

3. Identify which Providers are Referring Patients to Competitors

Our platform enables you to track patient referrals at a granular level, providing visibility into specific providers and the facilities where patient referrals are directed. Armed with this information, you can develop targeted strategies to re-engage referring providers, address gaps in service, recapture lost patients, and enhance your market position.

 4. Benefits of Using a Fully Integrated Physician Relationship Management Platform

Utilizing a fully integrated PRM offers many benefits for healthcare organizations. Some key advantages include comprehensive insights, actionable strategies, engagement, operational efficiency, and a competitive advantage.


Karen Wood

VP of Sales


Mackenzi Sweet

Mackenzi Sweet

Solution Specialist