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Data Storytelling: Physician Liaison Activity & Healthcare Analytics

As a physician liaison or liaison manager, it can be difficult to use your knowledge from the field and tie it to actionable data. Using a data-enabled approach to tell a story can be the key to your success. Discover ways to use your available data and intel to uncover opportunities and highlight accomplishments.

Physician Liaison Activity & Healthcare Analytics - AAPL

Watch this webinar to learn the following steps to telling a story with liaison activity & healthcare analytics:


Leadership has noticed a dip in referrals based on a monthly referral volume report.


Start by building a stronger relationship with Dr. Smith to understand his personal goals with the organization and any potential roadblocks he may be experiencing himself.


Track all interactions and issues within your PRM platform and highlight any key barriers.


Share findings regularly and track liaison ROI with targeted providers and internal and external data trends.


Danielle Krystyniak — Director, Client Success

Danielle Krystyniak

VP of Client Success


Amanda Houchins — VP, Sales

Amanda Houchins

(Former VP of Sales @ Marketware)