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5 Ways Liaisons Can Positively Impact New Physician Recruitment

With a growing shortage of physicians and a changing healthcare landscape, we need to adapt our strategies and approach for provider recruitment. Liaisons can be incredible assets in this battle for the same top physician candidates. As well as valued advocates for your physician onboarding and retention activities.

Join Danielle Krystyniak (Marketware), and special guest Denise Rooney (Northwestern Memorial HealthCare), to learn 5 ways your liaison team can immediately impact the success of your new physician recruitment. We will also go over problems our clients face, touch-points for new physicians, and the value of physician liaisons.

Watch this webinar to learn the following ways liaisons can impact physician recruitment:

1. Build trust with the physicians & family.

2. Promote institutional uniqueness & existing demand.

3. Confirm fit within peer group & referral base.

4. Support new practice development.

5. Warm lead into liaison’s ongoing role in onboarding.

Danielle Krystyniak — Director, Client Success

Danielle Krystyniak

Director, Client Success


Denise Rooney

Denise Rooney

Physician Outreach Manager

Northwestern Memorial HealthCare