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3-Part Physician Liaison Success Series

In this 3-part physician liaison success webinar series, learn how to create a program that will exceed expectations from liaison experts.

Part 1: Delivering on Referral Growth, Your Primary Objective

In the 1st segment of our series, we outline ways you can more effectively grow referral volumes and corresponding revenues for your organization. Topics include how to:

  • Explore which specific data sources can help organizations uncover & interpret referral patterns
  • Learn what to look for to define relationships that are poised for growth, retention, or recovery
  • Review recommended actions creating a more steady, predictable stream of referrals

Part 2: Working Efficiently & Effectively

The 2nd part of our physician liaison success series focuses on how liaisons can hone their craft and become some of the best in the business. From sharing trade secrets to discussing the latest technologies, the insights include:

  • The value of going mobile — Technology accessed through a mobile device can improve your skills, productivity & outcomes
  • Better ways to track activities — It’s time to organize your efforts beyond sticky notes & spreadsheets
  • What data can do for you — Information, research & other data allow you to strategically target physicians for outreach activities

Part 3: Transitioning Your Program from Good to Great

The final segment in this series discusses ways to fine-tune your liaison program and pinpoint needed adjustments. Learn how to take your program from one that gets the job done to one that truly exceeds expectations:

  • Adding value through every liaison visit by taking proper steps to prepare & setting goals for outreach activities
  • Developing & executing key growth campaigns
  • Quantifying program ROI  & demonstrating your real value to the organization

Carrie Bennett, FACHE

(Former COO @ Marketware)

Erica Newell

Erica Newell

Director, Customer Success

(Former Client Success Strategist, Marketware)

Katie Alexander

Katie Alexander

Director, Physician Relations & Community Engagement

Tampa General Hospital

Josh Cameron, MBA — VP, Client Success

Josh Cameron

Executive Vice President


Danielle Krystyniak — Director, Client Success

Danielle Krystyniak

VP of Client Success