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An Inside Look at Marketware’s PRM & Healthcare Analytics Platforms

Learn what makes our PRM and Healthcare Analytics platforms a must-have for physician relation teams. Join Danielle Krystyniak to see the ins and outs of the 2 platforms and how they work together to help you plan, track & measure the effectiveness of liaison activity across key growth initiatives.

Watch this webinar to learn about our client’s top 5 favorite features in the PRM and Healthcare Analytics platforms, including:

1. Activity & Issue Tracking

Gather essential information and details from provider visits and issues. See completed, current, and future activity & issue details for all users in 1 place.

2. Growth Initiatives

Include key details tied to service lines, goals, members, and activities. View your team’s initiatives and key details at a glance. Track progress and to-dos for easy status updates and reporting.

3. Robust Reporting

Roll up of high-level and detailed reporting aspects with easy-to-use dashboards. Track key categories and issue trends, and see and search by details recorded. Identify key wins and concerns on a regular basis.

4. ROI Tracking

Use recorded activities and internal EHR data trends to track impact. Identify providers visited with their internal data to provide ROI. Trend shared patients over time for key specialties and show impact.

5. PRM & Data Integration

See claims results, including patient mix, payer mix, claims volumes, and shared patient connections at the provider level in our PRM. Access PRM filters in Analytics to view internal and external data results to key profile fields &/or providers in specific initiatives, visits, or issues collected from the field.


Danielle Krystyniak — Director, Client Success

Danielle Krystyniak

VP of Client Success