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5 Things to Know When Emailing Provider Candidates

When there’s a limited number of candidates being approached by multiple practices daily, it’s important that your messages reach the best physicians for your practice opportunities. Join Marketware, and special guest Tony Barlow (Barlow/McCarthy), for a look at 5 best practices recruitment teams can put into place today to create effective email campaigns when emailing provider candidates.

Watch this webinar to learn the following 5 things to know when emailing provider candidates:

1. The Right Audience

Email lists & the tools you use to manage them are important. Always purchase lists from a trustworthy source and manage candidate data—keep track of contact points and responses.

2. Style, Format & Content

Email content & style can influence open & response rates. Pictures—when to use them or not, how to keep content from getting stale and making a difference with personalization.

3. Set the Right Cadence

The right intervals can ensure that you’re persistent not pesky. How often to send and when to send.

4. Patience as Virtue

Email campaigns can take time to secure the desired response. Staying patient and staying the course.

5. Use Partners as Team Extenders

Consider partners who specialize in lead generation. How to find good partners to help and how to use them as an extension of your team.

Tony Barlow

Tony Barlow

Managing Consultant—Physician Recruitment Sourcing Specialist


Carrie Bennett, FACHE

Strategic Advisor (Former COO)