Tool KitPhysician Relations

Practice Development for Physicians

While physicians learn a lot during and after medical school, they often receive little to no training in practice development. Download this Practice Development for Physicians tool kit to learn how to coach your physicians on growing their own business.

In this tool kit you’ll find the following templates and guides:

Practice Development for Physicians

New Physician Referral Development Summary

A short template of quick facts to know about your physician referral and a series of questions to ask about the practice launch.

Preparing for Successful Outreach Visits Checklist

 As a physician, you can relate to the fact that referring doctors prefer to send patients to practices they know. In some ways, when you refer a patient to another doctor, you’re putting your own reputation at stake by endorsing a specific physician’s skills and services. In this guide are useful observations and tips we’ve collected from providers to ensure that your outreach encounters lead to a strong practice launch. 

Provider Tips for Outreach Follow-Up

A guide to stay connected after the outreach visit. To ensure the strongest return on the time we took away from your office and the miles we spent on the road, we encourage you to make a note of the individuals you encountered. We also suggest that you jot down something interesting you learned from each of these, as well as 1 idea that you can use to follow up and potentially advance the relationship over time. 

Provider Volume Assessment & Plan

A 6-page template that includes questions to help you assess your practice development with providers.

Master List of Outreach Targets 

A 1-page template with the type of information to be collected to create a master list of your targets.