Marketware Adds Email Links & Bulk Email Actions

Marketware Adds Email Links & Bulk Email Actions

New Feature: Email Links & Bulk Email Actions to People Lists

We’re excited to announce our latest update! Allowing users to quickly select and draft emails to providers from within the application, utilizing their existing email client. This new update eliminates the need to type or copy and paste email addresses to communicate with leads or candidates. It will also allow your team to use any existing templates or responses set up with their email client. Read below to learn how these new email features work:

Preferred Email Hyperlinks

For person records with preferred emails listed, emails will now appear as hyperlinks. Users will be able to use this in people, candidates and providers lists.

And within people profiles and the “Contact” section.

Once an email link is clicked, a new email draft from the users’ email client will automatically launch with the preferred email address in the “To” field.

Bulk Email Action

From the main people, candidates, and providers lists, users will be able to select the checkboxes for multiple people records and from the main “Actions” drop-down, they’ll be able to select the “Email” option.

This will also automatically launch a new email draft and place the preferred email address of the people selected into the “Bcc” field of the email.

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Date: August 01 2022
Subject: MW Product Updates
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