Liaison Recruitment & Onboarding

Liaison Recruitment & Onboarding

Customized plan to support successful recruitment and onboarding of new liaisons. Offering includes sample job descriptions, focused skill assessments, interview aid, and a customized onboarding plan covering the new hire's first 100 days.

Analytics Support

A dedicated data analyst will serve as an extension of your team as needed to better understand trends and market insights. Partner with this individual for a specific number of hours monthly, quarterly or annually to support special projects and reports.

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Growth Team Retreat

The growth retreat is a focused training event with members of your team. Includes best practices and hands-on support around optimizing use of the Growth Suite to successfully develop, track and measure data-driven initiatives.

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Results Achieved: Boost Physician Satisfaction

Provided structured tools and resources needed to help large health system implement physician engagement program the led to a 4.98% increase in overall physician satisfaction; and similar increase in communication and responsiveness of administration.

Helpful Resources & Templates

Assessment & Development Tool

Successful referral development planning starts with a comprehensive review of available market share data, field intelligence and a realistic view of your organization’s strengths. Assessing these areas together can help referral development teams determine if they are well positioned for growth.

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Connecting Styles

Effective teams are made up of a variety of individuals who are bringing their own background, experience and connecting style to the table. By better understanding each style, you can employ a more focused outreach tactics for strengthening and growing your referral relationships.

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Identifying Ideal Candidates

This guide is designed to support healthcare leaders in clearly defining the business development role they hope to ll and what traits to look for in potential candidates.

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