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Marketware is the leading provider of outcomes in physician referral development, market insight, and patient acquisition strategies for healthcare facilities across the United States. Marketware’s premier Growth Suite is designed to empower marketing, business development, strategic planning and physician relations teams to grow, retain, and discover new volume opportunities across service lines.

Why Marketware?

Unlike what other vendors provide, Marketware is designed to bring the exponent factor—meaning your ROI is not a linear progression but rather an exponential improvement in your outreach efforts yielding maximum market share. More than just a tool, we’re a solution with outcomes to empower your teams.

What Clients Are Saying About Marketware

“The key piece is being able to identify targets for outreach…before, we went by feel as to whom we should be outreaching. Now we have analytic metrics to help us identify those targets. It’s no longer a guessing game.”
Viktoria Leeper, Manager of Planning Analytics; Providence Health & Services

“Marketware has an onboarding tool that creates a warehouse of details around onboarding new providers. This helps streamline our physician outreach, referral development, and marketing intelligence. This enables everyone to speak the same language which translates into better ROI for the organization.”
Sean Duffy, Director of Physician Relations; Geisinger Health System

“With Marketware, entering notes is easy and allows for the information to be readily available. As a supervisor with so little time in the day, it’s vital that I am able to get in there and quickly pull reports I need to share with key stakeholders internally”
Kara Goodnight, Director of Market Growth; Tucson Medical Center

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